Wednesday, February 22

Tuesday, August 16

[ rookie/818 ] No//Po

north los angeles does it dark .
fast + dirty .
serious + sunny .

[ mini ] SO//PO

south los angeles PoLo .
does it small .
in a big way .

sell [me] out .

spend some money on me ,
endorse my hobbies . 

i need burning man money .
i need rent money .

i need , i need . 
+ your face needs a mask .

animal of YOUR choice .
$ 50 each .

or maybe your head needs a hat ?
maybe your bike needs a triangular bag ?

i do it all .
just ask .

please .
+ thank you .

[ fox + owl ] 

  [ bike ]  

  [ leather ]  

Monday, August 30

this is a public service apology :

it has been a while ,
& there has been no computer .

but surmounting those odds , 
i reappear !
to reiterate more of my rhetoric & revelations ,
& to report more on the rare & the ridiculous, 
as a sort of recreation .

so today i share the most important thing i've seen today :

as soon i'll be acquiring whats left 
of my recently deceased macbook's memory 
via my lonesome hard drive ,

so i might be able to illustrate more 
of my imaginary pursuits 
from these last few months passed.

what i can showcase as a source of more informative updatings 
is the blog i run on behalf of myself & my co-conspirators , 
alexis [ the alligator ] bringer & mikey [ rooster ] upon .

so after you've upped your empathy watching that short , 
check out our outfit here :


because that's what we're all about<3

we're also about to publish a zine, retrofit a midcity showcase, hopefully build some bicycles & most certainly take the world by loving storm.

stay tuned, rabbitt readers !

Monday, April 19

Dd's for the Dday :

  1. Distrusting Government: As American As Apple Pie  by Ari Shapiro 
  3.    disillusion  
|ˌdisəˈloō zh ən|
disappointment resulting from the discovery that 
something is not as good as one believed it to be :  
enthusiasm for the government evaporated 
into a more cynical disillusion.

here's a glance at whats on my mind momentarily :

 human sensorium
captain's log book
futurist smut  : )

Monday, February 22

TRUEstory : 4. Balloon Buddies

" Lura Buxton released a helium filled balloon during celebrations
for her grandparents’ gold wedding anniversary in Blurton,
Staffordshire, in June 2001. Attached to the balloon was her name and
address and a note asking the finder to write back. Ten days later she
received a reply. The balloo...n had been found by another Laura Buxton in the garden hedge of her home in Pewsey, Wiltshire, 140 miles away. Both Lauras were ages 10 and both had three year old black Labradors, a
guinea pig, and a rabbit. "


meaningless connections give me a warm, fuzzy feeling about life : ) 

im just a sucker for pattern .



so does this internet radio "curiosity bender", CHECKit ! 

Thursday, February 4

autobiographical activism

in attempts to keep with personal & professional upkeep,

i've decided that instead of loading my millions of photo artifacts onto an obscure album on facebook, i'll post them more regularly here-- because i like the idea of an anonymous audience rather than a regional networked one.

so for all you random visitors, heres some imagery i think is pretty neat.

people i know, places i see, things & spaces & in some cases sounds i hear make or speak.

& then, more directly, to any of my family members who stray across this site in hopes knowing a little more about what i do when they dont hear from me, aha, these bike related ones are for you !


since im a bigger geek than i think anyone wants to admit to know, upon cleaning out my lagging hardrive i rediscovered alot of cool little things i've created in rhino.

& i never thought i even liked rhino*

i think i can say i sincerley do now.
but it was an ugly process.

TOday i made this :

a minor maricle in my digital legacy.
heres a roll of some of my favorite doodads i almost forgot i had the patience to make :

 timepieces :


from an outline of my right foot.


i'd like to dedicate those last 4 to my mum
whose bewilderingly extensive shoe collection 
no doubt had an effect on my frame of reference. 



think of it as the NASA approved entertainment system.


i think i considered them as projectors. 



my homework 
last week :P A T T E RNz